Kokopelli Pomegranate Green

A Japanese sencha GREEN TEA BLEND using pomegranate arils, freeze-dried red currants, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, mallow blossoms, and natural flavor. See below for details.



GenmaiCha (Rice Flavored) Green Tea

This Japanese GREEN TEA 50/50 blend of roasted rice and deep-steamed SenCha produced from 1st and 2nd harvest leaves, specifically grown in Shizuoka, about 90 miles southwest of Tokyo and not far from Mount Fuji. A popular and classic Japanese tea. SEE BE



West Fork Trail Decaf Sencha Strawberry

Naturally decaffeinated with the C02 process (little more expensive process using carbon dioxide steam) instead of chemicals. This premium Japanese Sencha is splendidly flavored with real dried strawberry.



Sunrise Trail Acai Berry Green Tea

A Japanese sencha GREEN TEA BLEND flavored with dried açaí, strawberry & cranberry. Also natural raspberry, strawberry, & blackberry flavoring. By the way, when you see "natural" flavor from Trailhead Tea, it means the flavor was extracted or derived from