Jin Jun Mei Tongmu Golden Eyebrow (Off-Trail Black)

This WILD TONGMU JIN JUN MEI is a low production/small batch BLACK TEA acquired direct from producer located in the Zheng Yan Circle Mountain area, the highest quality zone where picturesque mountain cliffs, fertile Nine-Bend River and the mineral rich ro



Soldier Pass Puer

Naturally aged/fermented PUER TEA from Yunnan Province, China. Puer (or sometimes shown as Pu’erh, is pronounced poo-err) tea is lessor known than other classifications like black or green, but is rapidly gaining popularity due to it's famously woodsy an



Harding Spring Chocolate Orange Puer

Harding Spring Chocolate Orange Puer



2009 Menghai Royal Aged Puer

2009 Menghai Royal Aged Puer



2007 Hai Xin Tang Mini Puer Cake (COOKED/SHU)

Pack of ten SHU (cooked, ripe) PUER mini cakes, direct from the HaiXinTang factory in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Compressed in 2017 for ten-year aged old tree (40-100 year old trees) material.