Red Rock Prickly Pear

Sedona’s local tea. A great quality BLACK TEA from China, then flavored with actual dried fruit bits and extracts of the Arizona Prickly Pear Cactus.



Secret Canyon Spice

BLACK TEA BLEND with a BIG natural sweet and spicy cinnamon taste and aroma, and hints of orange.



Earl Grey Moonlight

A cream twist from the traditional version. Premium BLACK TEA from Sri Lanka blended with orange peels, natural bergamot oil, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, and natural cream flavor.



Earl Grey (back)

The most familiar and traditional blend of all flavored teas. Ceylon BLACK TEA from Sri Lanka blended with orange peels, natural bergamot oil, and blue cornflowers.



Masala Chai

Traditional Indian spicy chai taste from a Ceylon BLACK TEA BLEND flavored with cardamom pods, ginger root, cloves, natural cinnamon flavor and cinnamon bark.



Black Dragon Pearls

100% BLACK TEA from the Yunnan Province in southern China boardering Vietnam. Comprised of only the highest quality leaves and buds, mostly attached sets, rolled into a large pearl shape which unfurl while brewing. Subtle cocoa notes.



Our Family Blend (Black Cherry/Black Currant)

For cherry lovers. Premium Ceylon BLACK TEA from Sri Lanka infused with natural black cherry fruit flavor, and natural black currant flavor.



Jin Jun Mei Tongmu Golden Eyebrow (Off-Trail Black)

This WILD TONGMU JIN JUN MEI is a low production/small batch BLACK TEA acquired direct from producer located in the Zheng Yan Circle Mountain area, the highest quality zone where picturesque mountain cliffs, fertile Nine-Bend River and the mineral rich ro



English Breakfast

100% BLACK TEA BLEND of four orthodox teas, to create a traditional yet more complex blend of these premium selections: desirable Yunnan & Keemum from China, bold Assam from India, and sweet Ceylon from Sri Lanka.



Sedona Wedding

How about chocolate dipped strawberry tea? BLACK TEA from Sri Lanka blended with rose petals, natural chocolate flavor, natural strawberry flavor, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate chips, and strawberries.



Broken Arrow Apricot

Ceylon BLACK TEA, infused with apple pieces, natural apricot flavor marigold flowers, and dried apricots.



Sedona Morning (rum/cream)

Rum/Cream BLACK TEA BLEND that contains coconut shreds, wild strawberry leaves, natural cream flavor, and safflower petals. Trailhead Tea’s flagship blend.



Teapot Trail Earl Grey Lavender

An aromatherapy twist from the traditional version of Earl Grey. Premium BLACK TEA from Sri Lanka blended with lavender flowers, orange peels, natural bergamot oil, blue cornflowers, and natural cream flavor.



Lapsang Souchong (Traditional Smoked)

Lapsang Souchong is a SCENTED BLACK TEA from the Fujian province (the best is from Wuyishan) of China, famous for its extra drying process with smoking pine, imparting a slightly sweet, crisp smoky aroma and flavor to the tea.



Jacks Canyon Ceylon

Ceylon is a classic afternoon black tea from Sri Lanka, formally known as the island of Ceylon.  Ceylon tea is crisp and clean, slightly sweet, medium-bodied and tangy in a good way.



Yunnan Gold

100% BLACK TEA, identified by its abundance of golden tips, and cocoa and very slight black pepper note. It will not taste bitter when over-steeped. Creamy and sweet, with pleasant pepper notes becoming earthier and more layered as it cools.



Darjeeling - Glenburn (Select Reserve)

100% BLACK TEA from the Glenburn Estate in India.  The private arrangement/process started with an exclusive pluck in early March before other 1st flush teas.  Semi-oxidized, so more of a Darjeeling Oolong.  Huge leaf and silvery bud sets bursting with sp



Munds Mtn Chocolate

Real chocolate tea.  BLACK TEA BLEND from China containing chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, broken cocoa bits, coconut flakes, and flavoring.



Templeton Trail Thai Tea

An exotic blend of BLACK TEA, honey bush, apple pieces, cardamom, dried coconut pieces, natural vanilla flavor, safflower & natural Coconut flavor.



Grand Canyon Rose Black

Our delicious blend of BLACK TEA from China, scented with soft red rose petals. The pronounced fragrance alone makes our Rose Black tea a delight for the senses. Petals blended throughout add a beautiful decoration.  A sweet, full taste with flowery flavo