• Tea from Japan Midgley Bridge Matcha (Premium Grade)
  • Tea from Japan Midgley Bridge Matcha (Premium Grade)

Midgley Bridge Matcha (Premium Grade)

100% MatCha from Uji city, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. Premium grade is in between, less expensive than Ceremonial grade, but much better tasting than culinary/cooking grade. Good quality and good value, SEE BELOW FOR DETAIL.
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 Midgley Bridge Premium MatCha - Sedona Arizona's Full-Leaf Tea Store 
100% MatCha from Uji city, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. Premium grade is in between, less expensive than Ceremonial grade, but much better tasting than culinary/cooking grade. It can be considered best for everyday enjoyment prepared in the traditional Japanese method. This pure MatCha has all the same health benefits as higher, even tastier, more expensive grades of matcha. It is not too expensive to be used ocasionaly for MatCha Lattes, or other drinks (where typically double or 2 grams is used).
HIGHER CAFFEINATED (approx 50% of the caffeine as coffee)
AVAILABLE AS: 1 LB BulkPack,   2 OZ Package
Package size is 2 ounces or 56.1 one-gram (or half teaspoon) servings. Bulk one pound is available for 453.6 one-gram servings.
PREPARATION: Half-teaspoon or one gram in 175°F (80°C) fresh water, typically 3-4 oz, for a frothy viscosity like an espresso.  Some prefer a thinner (known as Usucha) viscosity like tea using 5-6 oz.  Others prefer a stronger and thicker (known as Koicha) viscosity like thin honey, using only 2oz.  We first sift the matcha to remove any lumps, then whisk well using a bamboo “Chasen”.
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Want to know more ?
Midgley Bridge - Crosses Oak Creek and separates Uptown Sedona from Oak Creek Canyon:
The bridge also serves as the trailhead for Wilson Mountain Trail, Wilson Canyon Trail, Jim Thompson Trail, and Huckaby Trail.  Here’s the AllTrails.com link to the trails from Midgley Bridge: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/arizona/wilson-mountain-trail
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