• Tea from China Soldier Pass Puer

Soldier Pass Puer

Soldier Pass Puer
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Puer (pronounced poo-err) tea is lessor known than other classifications like black or green, but is rapidly gaining popularity due to it's famously woodsy and earthy flavor. The tea is aged in a process that allows the leaves to continue fermenting/oxidizing, and potentially improving over time. This allows brewing many infusions of smooth, deep, rich, and refreshing cups with no bitterness or astringency, even if intentionally over brewed. If puer were a beer, it would be considered a stout. Soldier Pass Puer is a shou (cooked or ripe) variety, verses a sheng (uncooked or raw). Taste and aroma creates images of a damp forest canopy of leaves, earthy minerality, dried mushrooms, leather, slight sweetness of figs or dates, and a mellow creamy flavor.
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