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Secret Canyon Spice

BLACK TEA BLEND with a BIG natural sweet and spicy cinnamon taste and aroma, and hints of orange.
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 Secret Canyon Spice Tea - Sedona Arizona's Full-Leaf Tea Store 
BLACK TEA BLEND with natural cinnamon and orange flavors. Uniquely cinnamon spicy and naturally sweet, although it contains no added sugar. This specific tea will store better when sealed in the refrigerator to keep orange oil fresh.
AVAILABLE AS: 1 LB BulkPack,   3 OZ Package,   4 OZ Tin,   1 OZ TastingSample
Package size is 3 ounces of full leaf tea, which yields approximately 37-38 first cups. Tin size is 4 ounces which yields about 50 first cups. Bulk one pound is available for about 200 cups.  Tasting sample is 1 ounce for about 10-12 cups.
BREWING: Full teaspoon for every 8 oz of boiling 212°F fresh water. Steep for 3-5 minutes or longer to desired taste.  A second or third infusion is possible by increasing steep time one minute each time.
 Trailhead Tea:   Sedona & Northern Arizona's Full-Leaf Tea Department Store 
Want to know more ?
So what’s up with Sedona’s “Secret Canyon":
There are many stories, legends, and rumors attributed to the Secret Canyon, Secret Mountain Wilderness area.  Most are inspired by reported UFO and paranormal activities and various New Age mentions.  But, there’s little secret about Secret Canyon Trail, that boarders the whole protected wilderness area. AllTrails.com link to Secret-Canyon-Trail is here https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/arizona/secret-canyon-trail

Linda Kraigenow Posted on 18 August 2018 at 13:13

I have experienced many very good teas, but since my visit to Sedona and my first cup of Secret Canyon Spice I have found the ultimate tea experience! It is so delicious & naturally sweet you need to experience it to understand.

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