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Whether we find and acquire during an educational and buying trip in Asia, or purchase direct from farm or trusted relationship through our travels, the tea offered in this category is very special.  Rare due to limited availability, and/or extremely high quality.  Some are also certified organic.  In many cases with the very best tea, if they they are not certified organic,  they may still be chemical free.
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Anji Flat Leaf (An Ji Bai Cha Off-Trail Green)

Our Anji Flaf Leaf is also called An Ji Bai Cha, or "white tea from Anji" due to its ghostly light green color, but it is really processed and recognized as a green tea. It is fairly rare, grown specifically and uniquely in Anji County, Zhejiang Province

$58.00 $49.00


GABA Organic Supreme Grade Green

100% ORGANIC GREEN TEA from China. Considered for anti-stress, anti-anxiety, calming and relaxation. These tea leaves contain at least 150mg of GABA per 100g, where an average tea contains about 6mg per 100g.



On Sale at Trailhead Tea

Dragonwell, Hangzhou Special Grade

100% GREEN TEA from Meijia Village in West Lake of Hangzhou, China. A highest quality version of Long Jing or Dragon Well usually reserved for gift giving.

$46.00 $30.00