• Off-Trail-Rare Rougui Wuyishan Rock Oolong (Off-Trail Oolong)
  • Off-Trail-Rare Rougui Wuyishan Rock Oolong (Off-Trail Oolong)

Rougui Wuyishan Rock Oolong (Off-Trail Oolong)

Rougui Wuyishan Rock Oolong (Off-Trail Oolong)
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One of the five famous teas (cultivars) from in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Preserve of Fujian Province of south eastern China, where the highly desirable “wolong yancha” rock oolong teas are produced. Our ROUGUI (aka Cassia or Cinnamon) is a low production/small batch OOLONG acquired direct from farmer located in the Zheng Yan Circle Mountain area, the highest quality zone where picturesque mountain cliffs, fertile Nine-Bend River and the mineral rich rocky soil is found. Unlike many other tea-producing areas in China, the tea trees here are not cultivated in the plantation style. They are allowed to grow naturally wild in spacious groves (making them more difficult to pick), ranging in age from a few years old to more than 100 years old, and elevations around 1000-1600 feet. Although not certified organic, this area is strictly protected by the government, so absolutely no chemicals or pesticides are used. Our ROUGUI has been moderately roasted, is best known for some sweet cinnamon notes, woodiness, slight fruitiness, very light florals, chocolate hint, and with a very long-lasting aftertaste.
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