• Off-Trail-Rare Old Man Dong Ding (Off-Trail Oolong)
  • Off-Trail-Rare Old Man Dong Ding (Off-Trail Oolong)

Old Man Dong Ding (Off-Trail Oolong)

Old Man Dong Ding (Off-Trail Oolong)
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Amongst Taiwanese oolong teas, none ages better or more famously than Dong Ding; and it will age without heat or humidity (dry climate is even better). In recent times many oolongs including Dong Ding are less oxidized, closer to green, with short cuts taken in the processing steps to produce more volume. Don't get us wrong, it's probably still a fine tea. However Old Man Dong Ding is processed the "old" traditional way, a more labor intensive process, more oxidized, a little more roasted, much more deep flavor, richer, a tad nutty and fruity, darker golden liquor, complex, slight honey, almost no astringency. These semi-rolled leaves are from Lugu, Taiwan - grown at about 2450 feet. It is pricey and rare, and we only have a small amount left.
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