• Herbal from South Africa Trailhead Rooibos
  • Herbal from South Africa Trailhead Rooibos

Trailhead Rooibos

Plain orthodox / unflavored caffeine-free ROOIBOS
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     Trailhead Rooibos Herbal - Sedona Arizona's Full-Leaf Tea Store     
A plain orthodox / unflavored caffeine-free ROOIBOS.  Prepare as is, or add your own fresh ginger, lemon or orange slice, etc.  Some folks will brew double strength for the high Vitamin C properties.  This, like almost all quality rooibos produced, is from South Africa, is organic, is naturally caffeine-free, is high in antioxidants (similar to real tea from the Camellia sinensis plant), and most importantly is great served hot or iced.  
AVAILABLE AS: 1 LB BulkPack,   3 OZ Package,   4 OZ Tin
Package size is 3 ounces of full leaf tea, which yields approximately 37-38 first cups. Tin size is 4 ounces which yields about 50 first cups. Bulk one pound is available for about 200 cups.
BREWING: Full teaspoon for every 8 oz of boiling 212°F fresh water.  Steep for 5 minutes or longer to desired taste.
     Trailhead Tea:   Sedona & Northern Arizona's Full-Leaf Tea Department Store     
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