2007 Great Jade 7732 Puer (Raw/Sheng)

2007 Raw/Uncooked/Sheng style aged PUER TEA, compressed and shaped like a cake/Frisbee called a Bing Cha.



2007 Hai Xin Tang Mini Puer Cake (RAW/SHENG)

Pack of ten SHENG (raw, uncooked) PUER mini cakes, direct from the HaiXinTang factory in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Compressed in 2017 for ten-year aged old tree (40-100 year old trees) material.



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2009 Ancient Hubei Large Tea Brick

Compressed Hubei Black Tea Brick, known as Mǐ Zhūan Chá (米磚茶). The brick features Chinese markings on both sides, and scored to allow breaking into 16 equal sections. They make great decorative display gifts for the tea lover. Tea bricks were often used o

$40.00 $30.00


2009 Menghai Royal Aged Puer

2009 Menghai Royal Aged Puer



2012 Trailhead Tea Puer Cake (Raw/Sheng)

2012 Trailhead Tea Sheng (Raw/Sheng) Cake



2014 Trailhead Tea Puer Cake (Raw/Sheng)

2014 Trailhead Tea Sheng (Raw/Sheng) Cake



A Lemonade of Ice & Fire

Perfect iced or hot, whether in Winterfell or King’s Landing. Caffeine-free LEMON-APPLE-PINEAPPLE FRUIT BLEND also contains a little sugar in the candied pineapple pieces, and freeze-dried red currants.



Aged Shou Mei Zhenghe White (Off-Trail White)

Aged Shou Mei Zhenghe White (Off-Trail White)



Aged Tie Luo Han Wuyishan Rock Oolong (Off-Trail Oolong)

One of the five famous tea cultivars from in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Preserve of Fujian Province of south eastern China, where the highly desirable “Wu Long, Wu Yi Yan Cha” rock oolong teas are produced. Our aged TIE LUO HAN (aka Iron Monk) is a low pro




Caffeine-free HERBAL BLEND of organic turmeric root, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic ginger root, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, natural orange citrus flavor, and a bit of black pepper.



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Anji Flat Leaf (An Ji Bai Cha Off-Trail Green)

Our Anji Flaf Leaf is also called An Ji Bai Cha, or "white tea from Anji" due to its ghostly light green color, but it is really processed and recognized as a green tea. It is fairly rare, grown specifically and uniquely in Anji County, Zhejiang Province

$58.00 $49.00


Anxi Hairy Crab / Mao Xie

An uncommon, low-production, specialty tea - but still affordable for every day use. Mao Xie is 100% OOLONG TEA called Hairy Crab, from the village of Da Ping, Anxi County, in the Fujian Province of China... (more below)



Anxi Tie Guan Yin / Processed By D&E

Anxi Tie Guan Yin/MaoCha Unfinished



Assorted Blooming Teas

Assorted Blooming Teas



AZ Cypress Citron Green

This GREEN TEA BLEND from China using flavors of lemon, lime and orange.



Ba Xian Xiang, Eight Immortals Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong (Off-Trail Oolong)

Ba Xian Xiang or Eight Immortals Dan Cong Oolong from Fenghuang (also known as Phoenix) Mountain, near Chaozhou in Guangdong Province of China.



Bandit Trail Blood Orange

Caffeine-free HIBISCUS-BLOOD ORANGE FRUIT BLEND also contains rose hips, blood orange peel and natural orange flavor.




100% BLACK TEA from the Yunnan Province in southern China boardering Vietnam. Comprised of only the highest quality leaves and buds, mostly attached sets, rolled into a large pearl shape which unfurl while brewing. Subtle cocoa notes.



Blue Moon Blueberry

Caffeine-free HIBISCUS-BLUEBERRY FRUIT BLEND also contains rose hips, apple pieces, dried blueberry and natural blueberry flavor.



Botanical Connecticut Lavender Flowers

100% Lavender Flower HERBAL TEA from a private non-certified organic farm.