Closeout on Discontinued Teas & Herbals - Sedona & Northern Arizona's Full-Leaf Tea Department Store 
Items being retired to make room for new teas and herbals at Trailhead Tea, Sedona AZ.
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On Sale at Trailhead Tea

2009 Ancient Hubei Large Tea Brick

Compressed Hubei Black Tea Brick, known as Mǐ Zhūan Chá (米磚茶). The brick features Chinese markings on both sides, and scored to allow breaking into 16 equal sections. They make great decorative display gifts for the tea lover. Tea bricks were often used o
$40.00 $30.00

On Sale at Trailhead Tea

Botanical Organic Dandelion Leaf

Considered for losing water weight (acts as a diuretic and increases urine output), helps with liver health, sooth digestive track, help with urinary track infections.
$15.00 $10.00