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2009 Ancient Hubei Large Tea Brick

Compressed Hubei Black Tea Brick, known as Mǐ Zhūan Chá (米磚茶). The brick features Chinese markings on both sides, and scored to allow breaking into 16 equal sections. They make great decorative display gifts for the tea lover. Tea bricks were often used o

$40.00 $30.00


On Sale at Trailhead Tea

Dragonwell Qing Ming - SORRY SOLD OUT

The top grade of the popular green tea, picked before the early Spring rains. This authentic "Long Jing" comes from the West Lake area of Hangzhou in China, and is usually reserved for gift-giving.

$90.00 $20.00


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Orange Cookies - SORRY SOLD OUT

Black Tea from China blended with apple pieces, cinnamon bits, coriander, cardamon pods, orange slices, pink peppercorns, and cloves.

$21.00 $15.00


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Pandora Blue Oolong

A greener (less than 50% oxidation) OOLONG TEA from the Fujian Province of China. The leaf is sprinkled with ginseng and licorice root, giving the tea an aromatic, sweet, floral, and slight spicy taste.

$23.00 $16.00


On Sale at Trailhead Tea

Tai Ping Hou Kui Monkey King

100% Green Tea (one of the most famous) from Huang Shan in Anhui Province, China. Premium, huge green leaves are picked from a misty mountain peak and hand-pressed flat on mesh screens. The light-yellow liquor has a fresh, sweet taste with characteristic

$26.00 $17.00