Tea from Taiwan

Tea from Taiwan

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GABA Organic Alishan High-Mountain Oolong Nonpareil Grade

100% ORGANIC OOLONG TEA from Taiwan. Considered for anti-stress, anti-anxiety, calming and relaxation. These tea leaves contain at least 150mg of GABA per 100g, where an average tea contains about 6mg per 100g.



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Lemon/Basil Oolong

OOLONG TEA blend comprised of half fermented tea, basil, lemon granules (lemon fruit & juice), malt dextrin (sweetener), natural lemon oil, & marigold blossoms.

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Oak Creek Coconut

The least oxidized OOLONG TEA from Taiwan with long wavy leaves called a pouchong, termed for its light colored cup, delicate fragrance, and sweet taste. This blend perfectly adds dried coconut and natural coconut flavor.

$20.00 $14.00


Peach Oolong

A very popular taste combination. Premium OOLONG TEA from Taiwan blended with natural peach flavor, apple pieces, marigold flowers, and apricots.