• Botanical Vimergy Organic Gynostemma Extract

Vimergy Organic Gynostemma Extract

Vimergy Organic Gynostemma Extract
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Life can be stressful, and stress can make you tired and sick. So it’s critical to boost up your body so that when stress hits, you are better equipped to handle it. Gynostemma is a powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic herb that helps you better adapt to whatever life throws at you by helping to regulate your immune system. Key Benefits: • Improves liver function • Helps to regulate the central nervous system • Helps reduce inflammation • Boosts energy and digestive function • Helps reduce and balance weight • Helps support respiratory and cardiovascular health • Helpful for heart disease, diabetes and cancer • Used as a longevity tonic to help extend life • Concentrated ten times into a potent Extract
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