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Summer has arrived in Sedona, whether it's sunny in the 90s or more almost every day, or a bit of welcome rain on any given day.  Who knows... other than it will certainly be another beautiful day in the red rocks, and you will love drinking tea here.

We currently have over a 120 varieties of tea, tisanes, botanicals, and medicinals available.  We are approaching two and a half years in business, and it's satisfying to think back to how the store appeared with only the first thirty teas packaged.  Come visit us again to see how we've grown,  OR  you can window shop or purchase your favorite teas on the web store at: TeaStore.TrailheadTea.com

We are introducing a TEA BLOG on facebook.com/TrailheadTea
Mostly written by and for our friends and patrons, it will be a collection of insights on Sedona's beauty, travel & adventure, and personal inspection & reflection... ALL THROUGH TEA.

At the TEA BAR we will continue to offer the very popular bowls of Ceremonial (Sakura grade) Matcha, Frozen Matcha Smoothies,  and a recently added Hot Matcha Latte to the menu.  Three great tastes that provide a healthy energy recovery after the morning trail hikes or mountain biking.

Many friends have asked that we post the video demonstration of the Trailhead Tea Portable/Travel Brewer.  It can be found here:

We are a locally owned, full-leaf tea merchant. We offer up to 120 tea and tisane selections from around the world including Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and soon from Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, and even the U.S.

Come visit our store to learn about all our varieties of green, black, white, oolong, rooibos, mate, chai and herbal teas. We offer modest price blends for shoppers new to high quality teas, but connoisseurs will be surprised with our premium, rare and “tribute” teas. These brew up to make a light, refreshing and healthful drink that is popular both hot and iced.

Every day, we have some samples for shoppers who stop by.  If you are really stuck picking a new flavor, we offer to-order tasters of many items in our store so you can learn what you like.  Or... stop by the tea bar and enjoy a tea to-go of any selection in the entire store.

You will love our amazing selection of tea infusion accessories, and tea related gifts and art. The Trailhead collection of teapots, mugs, cups, tins, tea makers and brewers are eye-catching but functional, and will add to the ease of steeping your tea. We have cast iron, ceramic, porcelain, borosilicate high-heat glass, and a broad collection of Yixing pots.